Biodiesel is a renewable fuel with product properties that can replace mineral diesel fuel, but with significantly lower CO2 emissions. In the Netherlands, the addition of biodiesel to conventional diesel with a maximum of 7% (B7) is mandatory.

Viterra's biodiesel

Our biodiesel is mainly produced from European rapeseed oil. We produce Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) through a modern transesterification process at a state-of-the-art factory in Botlek. Our biodiesel has 60-70% less CO2 emissions (kg GHG-eq per MJ) than fossil diesel, due to the low water content and minimal contamination (total contamination, sterol glucosides and residual glycerides). It also has strong cold-weather properties (cold filter plugging properties, pour point) compared to the European Norm (EN-14214), making it the ideal product to mix into your motor fuel. In some regions, FAME is blended up to 20% with traditional diesel.

Our FAME can be used in all existing diesel engines and fuel tanks to reduce the carbon footprint of transport activities, contributing to the achievement of the Paris Agreement targets.

Viterra biodiesel production process

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