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Financial information

This section details our historical results, annual reports and public credit ratings. 

Half-year report 2023

Explore our key highlights and activities during the first half of 2023.

Now available

Financial reports

Report name Date Format
Half-year report 2023 2023/10/31
Full-year report 2022 2023/10/31
Half-year report 2022 2023/10/31
Full-year report 2021 2023/10/31
Half-year report 2021 2023/10/31
Annual report 2020 2023/10/31
Annual report 2019 2023/10/31
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Arki 5.jpg

Our credit ratings

Company Rating Outlook Recent Reports
Standard & Poor's BBB- Stable S&P 2022 HY Report
Fitch Ratings BBB Stable Fitch Ratings upgrade commentary


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